Picture of KathyAfter working as a writer for many years, Kathleen McCoy Pfeiffer is using her writing skills, life experience, and professional training to offer her services as a life coach and dream interpreter.  Kathy became a certified Dream Therapist and Life Coach in 2017, after having some remarkable dreams that changed her life.  She believes that a part of the universe is rooting for the best part of each one of us, and we are given guidance through the unusual symbolic language of our dreams to reach places in our lives beyond our greatest hopes and aspirations.  She recently attended a workshop by dream shaman Robert Moss in Howth, Ireland, and incorporates his methods into her process.  She is a quick and gentle problem solver, committed to helping people create their best lives.  Kathy can be contacted via email at kathpfeiff@fuse.net for information on her life coaching sessions.   Follow Kathy on Twitter @KathWrites.


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  1. Alan Barnard

    Ran across your ad. The picture of the spiraling “temple” has some misidentification. It is not Mormon (or, more correctly, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), nor is it the temple that the Prophet Joseph Smith prophesied (yet to be built). The one you pictured was built by the Community of Christ, a group that splintered away from the LDS church many, many years ago. Sounds like you have an interesting life! Cheers, Alan

  2. Kathy

    Thanks Alan! Readers, he is referring to comments I made in my report on “Family in Independence,” above (see under categories), where I share discoveries I made in researching my family history (McCoys) in Independence, MO.

  3. Brian


    Regarding your post about the McCoy family history, I wonder if the research of the three women who compiled that information (Miss Eleanor Minor, Miss Margaret Woodson, and Mrs. Emory Write) has been continued. The grandfather of the three women worked for Waldo, Hall & Co., and thus they employed a relative of mine, and so I would like to see if those who know of the research of the three women would be able to provide information on my relative. Can you help?

    Thank you,

  4. Kathy

    Hi Brian,
    What was the name of the relative of yours? I know some people in Independence who are doing a lot of research on the people who lived there. What is the name of the grandfather of the three ladies.


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