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What Do Animals In Your Dreams Mean?

The more you become aware of your dreams, the more animals and insects will start appearing in them. If you’re like me, they stand out clearly, and are there for a reason, but figuring out their purpose or message is not always clear, so I developed the following process to help you understand them or invite them into your dreams:

1. First and foremost, take the emotion out of it. If you’re scared by an insect or animal in your dream, the fear is most likely your human response to it, and remember, it is there to help your soul, so put your human reaction to it aside.

2. Learn about the animal or insect. In other words do some research and find out what characteristics it has. For example, a wolf is a loyal pack animal, an amazing tracker, and has fierce survival skills. Bees are master architects, and loyal to their hive. Tigers are strong and cautious, with acute senses and sharp eyesight. They are determined and persistent creatures, making them strong leaders, and fearless. Hawks fly over the world, using laser focus to assess a situation and make quick decisions.

3. Remind yourself that a power beyond our physical world is trying to help us to master our lives by feeding our souls, and helping us to achieve our spiritual purpose in life. This power delivers messages through people, animals, insects in the physical world, and through the images and events that play out in our dreams.

4. With all that in mind, think about your dream, and what the energy or characteristics of this animal or insect could be doing to help you. For example, I was fighting a man in a dream, and I finally got away from him, and as I looked back I saw the face of a huge bright tiger, and realized the powerful strength of a tiger had joined me, and was helping fight off negative situations, and win.  I continue to imagine the tiger face when I come across scary situations in my life, and it helps me to be calm and believe in my ability to handle them.

Another time I dreamed (and actually had the sensation as I woke up) that I was covered with bees, and trying to brush them off, but they kept coming back. I realized the healing power of bees was rebuilding me emotionally after I had been grieving a loss in my life.

5. Finally honor the visit from the creature in your dream in some way. You can draw a picture of them in a dream journal, buy a statue of them, put up a picture, or make one as a craft project. Whatever way you decide to do this, it will to help you to absorb the positive characteristics of the animal or insect, and become a stronger, happier person as your soul grows, heals, and fulfills the purpose of your life.

Honoring the animal also builds a relationship between you and the spirit world, strengthening the channel, making it easier to receive messages, energy, strength and direction as your awareness grows, your fears subside, and you are able to take action in your life with the confidence and instinct of these amazing animals that are coming forward to help you. Gradually you’ll become aware of how joyful your life has become, how situations that used to be challenging now pass by quickly and easily.

If you’re not seeing animals or insects in your dreams, or have few dreams in general, doing things like practicing yoga, having a Reiki healing session, meditating, or spending time in nature work to open your sensory awareness. Being creative in any form is also an effective way to disengage from your everyday life, allowing the space for messages and energy from the spirit world to reach you. In other words, trust in letting go of controlling things in your life, open yourself to the wave lengths of the natural world, and watch the magic begin. ROAR!


How To Use Your Dreams To Solve Problems & Improve Your Life

Painted by Amy Swen, 55andchange.com

Most of us have dreams without understanding the message exactly.  We can be scared by them, entertained by them, embarrassed by them, you name it, but imagine they are messages sent to help you with your life.  imagine they are the very key to finding the answers and paths to creating a life your soul has longed for, a life that fulfills your special purpose in this world.

I was struggling along like everyone else, trying different avenues in life, changing course when needed, learning from my mistakes, as I made my shaky way through life.  One night, however, I had an amazing dream after I had summoned the courage to stand up to my overbearing mother like never before. In the dream I was walking through the hardships of life with a small band of fellow explorers.  We were learning things that only we were capable of learning, and bringing our knowledge to the masses to help them. I had a tan back with a geometric symbol on it.  Later I slid through a dark wet tunnel with my friends, and ended being greeted by a large leopard face as we entered a world that was always dark as night. I was in my mid-fifties at the time, yet still struggling with issues involving fear and anger. By finally having the courage to calmly stand up to my mother, it was if I had earned the right to join the ranks of this special group of soul warriors.

During the next few months, I continued to have amazing vivid dreams, mostly occurring in the early morning hours.  In one dream a man with bright blue eyes that seemed to be lit from inside him, approached me.  At the time I was unemployed and longing for a fulfilling job of some kind.  He was dressed like a world explorer too, and seemed to have full knowledge of the world.  He looked at me intensely and asked me what I liked to do the most, and I told him that I liked to do my crafts more than anything.  He then walked to a closet door, opened it, and showed me it was filled from top to bottom with grey pieces of metal piping.

The man then looked at me with more intensity than I have ever experienced.  He pointed to the grey pipes and said that I was to do with them what I do with my crafts, and then he left.  I didn’t understand what he meant at first, but the intensity of manner made the dream stick with me as I thought about what it could mean.

A few days later I realized what it meant.  The door to the closet represented the door to the new path I was longing to enter.  The grey metal pipes were symbols of difficult, cold, hard things I would have to deal with on my new journey.  He was telling me that to go down a path that will bring fulfillment, I would encounter things I find hard and unpleasant, and to approach them the same way I do working on things I enjoy like crafts.

I realized that when I work on a craft project, I pick something that appeals to me, I work on it when I genuinely want to, and when it is finished I don’t worry about.  I display it or put it for sale, and enjoy it.  What if I did everything that way?  What if I did everything from cleaning my house, to working at a challenging job, to doing home improvement projects the same way I work on crafts?  I realized I could do this, and approaching anything like this would make everything I do part of an enjoyable adventure rather than a dreaded chore.  Doing everything like this would energize me, and make me more invested in what I was doing, enabling me to be more productive in ways of greater significance.

As the weeks passed, and I had more dreams like this, and realized more and more about myself.  For example, I had a dream where I was arrested because I was riding in the passenger seat of a car.  I told the officer that it wasn’t fair, and he said, “no it wasn’t.”  This dream made me aware that I often sit in the passenger seat of life, and let others call the shots, and that this isn’t being fair to myself, and I needed to step up and take charge of my own life.  As dreams like this empowered me, things in my life began to change.  I found a job I loved, my craft creations evolved into bigger and better things, my relationships were easier and more joyful, I worried less, and things I had always wanted began falling into place.  I had become more honest, courageous, insightful, intuitive, calm, and was sleeping better, all because of my dreams.

I began by asking friends and family to tell me their dreams, and helped them to understand.  Then I became a Certified Dream Therapist, read some books by dream shamans like Robert Moss, and attended several of his workshops.  By embellishing on the Lightning Dreamwork Process created by Robert Moss, I came up with the following easy way to understand my dreams, and get the most of out them.  I invite you to see if it works for you.

  1.  Put effort into remembering your dreams.  This can be done by writing parts of dreams down during the night or in the morning, or by laying in bed just a minute when you wake up as you focus on whatever dream you had been having.  Start having conversations about dreams with others, make dreams a part of your world.
  2. Ask and answer the following questions about your dream:
    1. What happened?  Tell or write down everything that happened in the dream.  Describe details that stand out, everything.
    2. How did you feel about what happened in the dream?
    3. What do you think the dream meant?
    4. Was the dream related to anything going on in your life at the time?
    5. Could the people or animals in the dream be parts of yourself?  For example, could a cat traveling beside you represent your vulnerable self?  Could babies or old people be you as an infant or the older version of you yet to come?  Imagine for a minute that everyone in the dream is you, and what meaning could come from that.
    6. What positive message could the dream be trying to give you?  What guidance?  Think up a slogan that captures the meaning of your dream.
    7. What is an action you can take because of the dream?  The action can be a physical act, or a change in attitude or thinking about something.  The action can be researching something that appeared in your dream, or purchasing an item related to something in your dream.
  3.   If you don’t dream much, do things like practicing yoga, walking in nature, taking naps, and setting an intention at night to get guidance on something specific in your dreams.

Guidance from the other side is powerful magic, and by practicing a little awareness, and having the willingness to act on a message, you can take advantage of this resource designed especially for your soul.  Wake up to your dreams!